Gregory  Young Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Gregory Young

Professor of Music
Montana State University School of Music

Montana State University professor Gregory was Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and founding director of the Undergraduate Scholars Program. With a doctorate in music from the University of Michigan, he has been principal clarinetist with the Intermountain Opera Bozeman since 1988. He supervised the new core curriculum, the first at a public university to require undergraduate research/creativity. Dr. Young often publishes with undergraduates as co-authors, and has lectured across Europe

Subjects: Music

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Chair of the Council on Undergraduate Research Creative Inquiry in the Arts & Humanities Institute.
    Clarinetist with Bozeman Symphony, Intermountain Opera, Montana Ballet

Personal Interests

    Soccer, Skiing, Biking, Trail Running



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