Marcos  Dantus Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Marcos Dantus

University Distinguished Professor
Michigan State University

I am an unusual scientists. First, I dislike divisions between chemistry, physics, biology, and engineering; modern science requires a multidisciplinary approach. Second, while I am thrilled about fundamental discoveries, I get super excited when I discover something that has significant applications. Third, I am an entrepreneour that has played a key role in four startup companies. Fourth, I am quite good at explaining complext technical conceps in simple words.


Dantus received his BA and MA degrees in Chemistry from Brandeis University and his his PhD from Caltech, where he worked with A. H. Zewail on the development of Femtosecond Transition State Spectroscopy, work cited in the1999 Chemistry Nobel Prize to Zewail.  Dantus worked on the development of Ultrafast Electron Diffraction. Dantus has over 225 publications, and was named Inventor of the Year by Michigan State University given his 43 invention disclosures and 25 issued patents. Dantus has founded three companies, KTM Industries a company that manufactures biodegradable packing materials; Biophotonic Solutions Inc., the company that commercialized automated femtosecond pulse compression, acquired by IPG-Photonics in 2016; and MTBIsense LLC, a company developing sensors for detecting impacts likely to lead to concussion in football. He serves as Chairman and CTO for Biophotonic Solutions. Dantus is also the Director of Research and Development of Total Power Inc., for which he formulated a biodegradable fuel additive for the mining industry.


    Ph.D. Caltech, 1991
    BA. MA. Brandeis University 1985

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professor Dantus has pioneered the use of shaped, ultrafast pulses as photonic reagents to probe molecular properties for biomedical imaging, proteomics and standoff detection of explosives. His contributions include the discovery of nonlinear optical processes, invention of laser optimization instruments, and the development of theory to simulate and predict the interaction of molecules with shaped laser beams. Dantus’s development of an instrument capable of automated laser pulse compression is enabling research around the world. He is a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, The American Physical Society and The Optical Society of America.

Personal Interests

    Dantus is interested in health, fitness, and nutrition. He swims, bikes, runs, and plays tennis regularly. Dantus is also a rock collector.


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