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Tomas Kucera

Charles University

Dr. Tomas Kucera is an assistant professor at the Department of Security Studies, Charles University in Prague.


Tomas Kucera is an assistant professor at the Department of Security Studies , Charles University in Prague. He received a doctorate at Aberystwyth University for a thesis examining the relationship between liberal ideology and defence policies in Western Europe, in Germany and the United Kingdom in particular. Societal-military relations, military ethics and sociology of security and defence continues to present his main research interests. His publications appeared, e.g. in the journals Armed Forces & Society, Journal of Military Ethics, and Geman Politics.  His teaching focuses on war studies, civil-military relations and ethics of war.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Civil-military relations; Military sociology; Military ethics; War studies; European security policy; European defence integration


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Journal of Military Ethics

Towards a Humanitarian Military Ethics: Moral Autonomy, Integrity and Obligation

Published: Jul 12, 2017 by Journal of Military Ethics
Authors: Tomas Kucera
Subjects: Military & Security Studies, Social Psychology, Thinking & Reasoning, Work & Organizational Psychology

Humanitarian operations may pose challenges to which armed forces prepared for warfighting seem rather ill-equipped. It is the aim of this article to examine in what way military ethics should be adapted to humanitarian tasks.

Armed Forces and Society

The Strategic Significance of Ethical Imperatives: The Case of the German Armed

Published: Sep 08, 2014 by Armed Forces and Society
Authors: Tomas Kucera
Subjects: Military & Security Studies

Societal norms are frequently portrayed as antithetical to the functional imperatives of the military. This article questions this notion and argues that an effective form of military organization can be produced by incorporating ethical norms of domestic society into its defense organization.

German Politics

Can ‘Citizen in Uniform’ Survive? German Civil–Military Culture Responding to Wa

Published: Mar 01, 2012 by German Politics
Authors: Tomas Kucera

This article points out the role of perceptions that German society holds about the German armed forces. It is argued that options to use the military abroad were circumscribed mainly to humanitarian tasks. However, since the discourse in 2009 made it clear that the internalised civil–military culture no longer provides adequate guidance regarding how to approach a war-like situation such as that in Afghanistan, the entire German civil–military culture is challenged.