Wei WEI is a Chinese female entrepreneur and the founder of GSL (www.gslpartner.com), a global innovation management consultancy. As a former investment professional she has deep connections in Chinese local business and leverages international experience in engineering and venture capital to help multinationals improve innovation practices and achieve growth. She holds bachelor degree of mechanical engineering and master degree of industrial engineering from Tsinghua University and master degree of production engineering from RWTH Aachen University in Germany. She is author of the book ‘Business ecosystem in China: Alibaba and competing Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi and LeEco’ and her new book ‘Chinese hidden innovators: from Alibaba to Zongmu’ is forthcoming in 2018.
Bachelor, mechanical engineering, Tsinghua University
Master, industrial engineering, Tsinghua University
Master, production engineering, RWTH Aachen University