James Taylor Ranney Author of Evaluating Organization Development

James Taylor Ranney

Professor (emeritus)
Widener Law School

I have been obsessed with "the peace issue" since 1983, when I saw certain directions that gave me hope, and was permitted to start teaching a course on "Law and World Peace." Since then, I have read thousands of books and articles that have informed my judgment in writing this book.


Am a 1966 graduate of the University of Wisconsin (Madison) and 1969 graduate of Harvard Law School.  Clerked for a federal circuit judge, worked in the Philadelphia District Attorneys Office, mostly as Deputy Chief of Appeals, taught criminal law and procedure at the University of Montana Law School, and entered private practice in Missoula, Montana and thereafter back in Philadelphia, where I practiced in the areas of employment law, class actions, criminal law (including post-conviction death cases), and other areas.


    B.S., University of Wisconsin, 1966; J.D., Harvard Law, 1969

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    I like to think that I have a rather unique combination of prior experience and expertise which was necessary to write this book, including the following:  1)  three years of physics (including high grade on final exam in last course, as well as high grade in calculus sections); 2) three years teaching international law; 3) three decades experience as certified mediator and arbitrator in state and federal courts); 4) history (massive reading in ancient, European, American, legal and military history); 5) peace studies (taught "Law & World Peace" seminar in 1986 and 1987); 6) political science and economics (PPE major); 7) constitutional law (received an A from Archibald Cox); and 8) criminal law and procedure (former prosecutor, author of 3-volume treatise, and teacher).

Personal Interests

    Am a big reader, spending typically 8 hours a day reading, primarily related to my book topic, involving lots of books about history, international relations, the nature of the universe, social change, and the like.  I have been privileged to spend this much time per day over the past decade or more, which I could not have done were I in a typical professorial role.


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