Pedro A. Fuertes-Olivera is currently the main researcher of several funded research projects and the Director of the International Centre for Lexicography, a research group devoted to dictionary making and theory building.  He is also working with Ordbogen A/S, a Danish company that makes and sells products and services related with language technologies. In the last eight years he has been invited to lecture in China (GDUFS and Beijing), Denmark (Aarhus), Germany (Hildesheim), Namibia (National university), Poland (University of Silesia), South Africa (Pretoria and Stellenbosch), and several Spanish universities. Some recent publications include Pedagogical Specialised Lexicography (John Benjamins, 2008), Specialised Dictionaries for Learners (de Gruyer, 2010), e-Lexicography: The Internet, Digital Initiatives and Lexicography (Continuum and Bloomsbury, 2011 and 2013), Theory and Practice of Specialised Online Dictionaries. Lexicography versus Terminography (de Gruyter, 2014)- He is also editor of the Diccionarios Valladolid-UVa, a collection of 28 online dictionaries covering general Spanish (monolingual dictionaries), general Spanish and English (bilingual dictionaries), and accounting facts and languages (specialised English and Spanish accounting dictionaries).
PhD in English
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
English for Specific Purposes
I have been working as a teacher for almost 40 years (10 years at Secondary School and 30 years at the University) and have translated several books and articles (English to Spanish and Spanish to English).