Niek  Koning Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Niek Koning

Affiliated researcher
Centre for Sustainable Development and Food Security, Wageningen University

Niek Koning is a social scientist focused on the relationships between the agro-food economy, institutions and politics. His research topics include the role of agriculture in economic development, competing claims on natural resources, farmer movements, and national and international policies that are helping or hampering global food security and smallholder-based modernization of the food sector.


Niek Koning has worked with critical farmer groups and movements in many countries. He started his career as a rural sociologist, but soon came to broaden his field to include economics, history and political science, while he also developed a keen interest in many technical aspects of farm and food production. His first studies focused on agrarian politics in Western countries. Today, he is studying the key role that farm policy choices have played in the wealth or poverty of continents and what will be needed to ensure food security for our world in the future.


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