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Leysa Henderson

I have taught primary level for over fifteen years and became a Specialist Leader in Primary Literacy. Now I have my own business as a Primary Literacy Consultant and work in schools in London, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Surrey. I have also published a children's eco-adventure book called Lost Lives that is being used as a class book in many schools across the country.

Subjects: Education


After years as a teacher and implementing coaching and NLP strategies in to the class with great effect, I decided to leave and set up my own company (Kreative Futures) in personal, professional and business development for adults. Alongside this, I have continued to up-skill teachers in areas such as vocabulary development, reading for meaning, writing, teaching and learning through history, questioning skills and literacy planning, as well as working as an educational consultant for a multitude of schools.

I recognised many years ago that we needed to educate our children in skills rather than just content. This honed my ability to teach: thinking skills, clear communication in all areas from oral to written, how to apply knowledge and link it with other experiences and the ability to be creative, analytical and evaluative, amongst many others.

From this experience, I realised that confidence and self-belief were essential criteria if we wanted children to succeed. As an extension, I noticed that many adults were not achieving their own potential as they were littered with limiting beliefs that held them back. Fed up of reports, homework, marking and Ofsted I decided to take the leap of faith and apply this learning to support adults to make a change. I kept all the fun parts of teaching and discarded all the areas of the job that dulled my own creativity.

I embarked on my own personal development exploration over 20 years ago and relish in the fact that there is always more to learn. We all have something to teach it is just a shame that we are very rarely heard.


    Masters in Environmental Law and Policy
    Law Degree
    Environmental Science Degree
    Post Graduate Certificate in Education
    Masters in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
    Master Coaching
    Personal Performance Coach
    Specialist Leader in Primary Literacy Education
    Outstanding Facilitator Programme

Personal Interests

    I have a multitude of interests: painting, cryptic crossword, hiking, mountain biking, golf, horse riding and sailing.


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