Collin  McLoughlin Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Collin McLoughlin

Enna Products Corporation

Collin is internationally recognized as a true innovator in the field of process improvement. He has led over 60 study missions to Japan and personally trained over 8,000 people in Kaizen in 12 different industries. If you have a problem, chances are he has seen it before. He is the author of over 700 published products, making him one the most published authors in the process improvement field. His latest endeavor is conveying the true meaning and intent of Taiichi Ohno’s method of Kaizen.


Mindset, Creativity, and Personally Change Yourself First.

I am blessed to partner with leaders who desire to drive personal change first and foremost - True Kaizen. One that is endorsed by the mentor of all mentors, Mr. Taiichi Ohno. His mission is asked of me and Jun Nakamuro to grow Kaizen within peoples' hearts and minds -- Kaizen is a gift to us to help create a work-life that is truly fulfilling and rewarding. Please join us on this journey together.

Our customers are leaders in their industries:
Seattle Children's Hospital, Carl Zeiss, Mars, Schott Glass, Harvard Medical, Dole, TAL Apparel, and Canon just to name a few.


    MBA, Operations Strategy, University of Warwick
    MBB, Statistics and Probability, Arizona State
    SSBB, Statistical Analysis
    BBA, Honors in Finance, Trinity Western University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Leadership, Operations Management, Change Management, Process Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Kaizen, Lean, Six Sigma



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