Benjamin Stewart Johnson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Benjamin Stewart Johnson

Executive Director
Treeside Charter School

Dr. Ben Johnson is a vocal proponent for increasing teacher effectiveness. He applies brain science to pedagogical know-how to help teachers engage students at higher levels. Dr. Johnson engages his readers through powerful metaphors and personal anecdotes and then provides common-sense ways to improve student learning. He fearlessly tackles the most difficult subjects and with a laser focus identifies the areas for improvement and provides straight-forward solutions.


Ben Johnson became a Spanish teacher in 1986. His experiences teaching Spanish serve as a foundation for his beliefs that effective language and engagement are the key to effective student learning. His unique perspective on education (having experienced nearly every grade and subject as a teacher) provide a laser focus to his writing and teachings.

He loves learning and teaching and strongly feel that excellent teaching is within every teacher's grasp. When he wrote the first edition of Teaching Students to Dig Deeper, his editor called him the "Malcolm Gladwell of Education". I has been on all three sides of the education fence- teacher, administrator, and consultant/service provider.

He started writing for George Lucas' in 1998 when he was the assistant superintendent of a small school district. College and Career Readiness was a recurring theme in in his writings, and more importantly in his central core beliefs. Teaching Students to Dig Deeper is now in its second edition, which is new and improved. Dr. Johnson is working on publishing other books to help students and teachers, but also enjoys writing fictional stories for juveniles.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    The Role of Administrators in Math and Science Collaboration
    Professional development

Personal Interests

    Student engagement
    Analytic, Critical and Creative thinking



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Teaching Students to Dig Deeper - 1st Edition book cover



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