Cate  Campbell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Cate Campbell

Relationship and psychosexual therapist, lecturer, supervisor
Private practice, Foundation for Counselling & Relationship Studies, Relate

Cate specialises in relationship and psychosexual therapy. Having originally trained with Relate, she became a lecturer with the Relate Institute and a Relate supervisor. She now teaches with the Foundation for Counselling and Relationship Studies as well as running her own courses and has her own private practice.

Subjects: Gender & Sexuality


Cate started her career as a general nurse, going on to become editor of the magazines, 'Nursing Mirror' and 'Nursing'. Observing that many physical problems were exacerbated by stress and psychological problems, especially relationship problems, she trained as a relationship therapist with Relate. Now working with families, individuals and couples, Cate's motivation for writing is a desire for everyone to be as informed as couple counsellors about what makes relationships work. She also runs courses and is a lecturer with the Foundation for Counselling and Relationship Studies, having previously taught relationship and sex therapy for the Relate Institute and cognitive behaviour therapy for Amersham & Wycombe College.


    MA, University of Hull

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Sex therapy

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