Ian  MacKenzie Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ian MacKenzie

(formerly Swiss equivalent of associate professor)
(formerly) Faculty of Translation & Interpreting, University of Geneva

I mainly write about the English language, English language teaching, and the effects of language contact. I have also written a number of English language teaching coursebooks. I previously taught translation and related topics at the University of Geneva , but have taken early retirement


I taught English as a foreign language (as we called it back then) in a (very good!) language school in London as well as (briefly) on the American Language Program at Columbia University in New York, and then taught business English at Lausanne University for many years, followed by 13 years teaching translation and related topics at Geneva University.
I've written books about the English language as well as a number of English language teaching coursebooks, and a book about theories of reading and interpretation (specifically Relevance Theory and deconstruction).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    English language teaching
    Translation theory
    Sociolinguistics of English
    Hermeneutics, pragmatism, that kinda thing

Personal Interests

    Cycling, mountain walking (if you live in Switzerland...)
    The Arsenal (formerly a good football team)
    The New York Yankees (a run of World Series lies ahead!)
    Language & linguistics & philosophy and stuff


Featured Title
 Featured Title - MacKenzie_Language Contact and the Future of English - 1st Edition book cover