Ulrika  Holgersson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ulrika Holgersson

PhD, Associate professor of history
Media history, Dept of Communication and Media, Lund University, Sweden

I am an associate professor in history and work within the fields of media, gender and labour history. In the intersection of these subjects I have been searching for new ways of understanding both 20th century history and modern class theory. My thoughts on the latter are developed in Class. Feminist and Cultural Perspectives (Routledge 2016).


I was born in the city of Lund, Sweden, in 1972. I received my PhD in 2006 and became an associate professor of history in 2014, both at the university of my home town. Currently I am employed as a researcher in media history, at the Department of Communication and Media, LU.

My research is situated within and between the fields of media, gender and labour history. To put it short, I use pop cultural media to explore people’s experiences and identities and the spirit of the times. Here knowledge is essential of how different media work in different historical settings, as well as the ways class and gender are made. The period is the 20th century, first in my thesis on women’s magazines of the early 1900, Popular Culture and Classification (Swedish, 2005), and second focusing on feature films of the 1930s and 40s in The Maid and the Feature Film (Swedish, 2017). My thoughts on class theory are developed in Class. Feminist and Cultural Perspectives (Routledge 2016).

2017 to 2019 I work with the project In Light of the Dead. Constructions of National Identities at Public Funerals in the Shape of Media Events in Sweden, 1901–2003, funded by the Swedish National Research Council.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Media history, gender history, labour history, class theory

Personal Interests

    Everything pop cultural


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