Jay Louise Nadeau Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jay Louise Nadeau

Associate Professor
Portland State University

I'm a physicist who works with biology, and my goals are to help physicists love biology and biologists love physics. My research focuses on labeling cultured cells and bacteria in a variety of ways, with the ultimate goal of searching for microbial life elsewhere in the Solar System.


Jay L. Nadeau is an Associate Professor of Physics at Portland State University, where she teaches both graduate and undergraduate physics courses to majors and non-majors. Prior to PSU she was an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Physics at McGill University. Her research interests include nanoparticles, fluorescence imaging, and development of instrumentation for detection of life elsewhere in the Solar System. Her group was the first to label bacteria with quantum dots, and to explore the possibility of using fluorescent labels as tools for detection of traces of extraterrestrial life. She has published over seventy papers on topics ranging from theoretical condensed matter physics to experimental neurobiology to development of anti-cancer drugs and the development of holographic microscopy.


    PhD, University of Minnesota, Physics, 1996

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Holographic microscopy
    Volumetric microscopy
    Cell labeling
    Semiconductor and metal nanoparticles
    The search for life in extreme environments

Personal Interests

    Endurance cycling (3-time participant in the Death Valley 508 race, all on a fixed gear)
    Mountain hiking
    Pet ducks



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