Luke  Daniel Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Luke Daniel

Leadership Specialist/Registered Psychologist

After spending a fair chunk of time counselling people and assisting others with work-related illnesses, Luke decided to adopt a more proactive approach towards health and well-being. This has resulted in a proactive approach towards health and safety, from both an external and internal role. Over the last few decades Luke has worked across the world in the heavy resources sector, specialising in safety leadership, safety climate, coaching and team development workshops.


I currently run leadership workshops across the globe, specifically in the areas of safety, change and cultural alignment. Alongside my leadership development activities are services in analysing workplace culture. With the ability to turn the theoretical in behavioural, I enjoy facilitating in large groups and have a down to earth approach embedded in my rural upbringing.

Previous vocations include working as a therapist with a specialisation in hypnosis and cognitive behaviour therapy. Prior to my work as a psychologist was working within the Australian army and then working as a "jackeroo" in the Australian outback.

Currently I can be found undertaking research as part of a broader committee or travelling across the country in preparation of my next work adventure.


    Doctorate Business

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Safety Leadership
    Leadership development
    Organisational Development

Personal Interests

    - Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
    - Travel
    - Comedy
    - Politics
    - Family



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Practical Guide to Safety Leadership: Daniel - 1st Edition book cover


Journal of Construction Economics and Building

Safety Leadership Defined within the Australian Construction Industry

Published: Feb 13, 2018 by Journal of Construction Economics and Building
Authors: Luke Daniel
Subjects: Anthropology - Soc Sci

his research explores the tenets of safety leadership within the Australian construction environment. The scope of this research aims to establish a universal definition of safety leadership and how it differs from other leadership disciplines. The literature review into this topic was governed by the parent disciplines of Safety and Leadership.

Academic Star Publishing

Demonstrating Safety Leadership through the RAVE Model

Published: Sep 07, 2016 by Academic Star Publishing
Authors: Luke Daniel
Subjects: Business, Management and Accounting

Safety leadership can be the catalyst to influence employee behaviour and to achieve a strong safety culture. Paradoxically, the research detailing the mechanics and behaviours of safety leaders is dearth. This paper presents a model of safety leadership created from the literature and tested via post-positivist research, for validity within the Australian construction industry.