Len  Unsworth Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Len Unsworth

Learning Sciences Australia, Australian Catholic University

I am Professor of English and Literacies Education at the Australian Catholic University, Sydney, Australia. My work is in educational semiotics, linguistics and literacy, and English education from the beginning of schooling to the senior secondary school years


Professor Len Unsworth is the Research Director of Educational Semiotics in English and Literacy Pedagogy at LSIA. Len has been involved in educational research for over 30 years, including six recent Australian Research Council funded projects. His key research interests include: literacy and learning in school curriculum areas; literature for children and adolescents; literacy development in the English curriculum K-12; and the pedagogic role of explicit knowledge about language and the meaning-making resources of images and image-language interaction in both paper and digital media texts, including animation and film. Prior to commencing at ACU in 2014, Len was Professor in Education at Griffith University, following earlier roles as Head of the School of Education at the University of New England and Head of the School of Development and Learning in the Faculty of Education at the University of Sydney.


    PhD University of Sydney, 1996

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Literacy education from pre-school to matriculation
    Children’s and adolescent’s literature and literacy development
    E-literature for children and adolescents
    Information and communication technology and literacies
    Language and literacy in curriculum area
    Learning and teaching
    Systemic functional linguistics in literary and literacy research and education
    Functional grammar in school curriculum
    Genre theory
    The semiosis of explanation in education


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New Book - Open Access - Multimodal Literacy in School Science

By: Len Unsworth

Multimodal Literacy in

School Science

Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Theory,

Research and Pedagogy

Len Unsworth, Russell Tytler, Lisl Fenwick, Sally

Humphrey, Paul Chandler, Michele Herrington and

Lam Pham

This book establishes a new theoretical and practical

framework for multimodal disciplinary literacy (MDL) fused

with the subject-specific science pedagogies of senior high

school biology, chemistry and physics. It builds a

compatible alignment of multiple representation and

representation construction approaches to science

pedagogy with the social semiotic, systemic functional

linguistic based approaches to explicit teaching of

disciplinary literacy.

This book will be of interest to researchers, teacher

educators and postgraduate students in the field of science

education. It will also have appeal to those in literacy

education and social semiotics.

Multimodal Literacy in School Science is available as an

Open Access eBook, free to download from