As a researcher and university teacher, I am interested in how tourism links to other fields of the social through cultural innovation. Using ethnographic, digital and design methods, I explore connections between tourism, business and city development, branding and event initiatives and strategies within these fields. Often - and preferably, in research collaborations with relevant actors and users such as industry, government, citizens and students.

In my research, I look at how innovative and often collaborative set-ups (public-private, volunteering, digital) interfere with how tourism is organised, developed and valued. I explore Smart Tourism initiatives and mega-events such as the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 and Arctic Winter Games 2016 as innovative collaboration platforms. In the recent past, I have engaged in my research with user-centered Green City Tourism development in Copenhagen, the materialities of branding at the Danish 'Welfairytale'​ pavilion at the World Expo in Shanghai 2010 and the 'Possible Greenland' exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2012 as a 'futuring device'.
PhD in Tourism, University of Southern Denmark, 2009
MA, Ethnology, University of Copenhagen, 2005
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Tourism Development, Knowledge collaboration, Cultural Innovation, Valuation, Actor-Network Theory