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Volker Ziemann

Associate Professor
Uppsala University

Volker Ziemann obtained his PhD in accelerator physics from Dortmund University (1990). After post-doctoral positions in Stanford at SLAC, where he worked on the SLC, PEP-II and SPEAR, and in Geneva at CERN, where he worked on the design of the LHC, in 1995 he moved to Uppsala where he worked at the electron-cooler storage ring CELSIUS. In 2005 he moved to the physics department where he has since taught physics. He was responsible for several accelerator physics projects at CERN, DESY and XFEL.

Subjects: Physics

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Research Interest:
    Over the past 30 years I have worked on many aspects related to the physics of charged particle beams

      - Diagnostic, correction and control of imperfections
      - Beam-beam interaction
      - Non-linear beam dynamics
      - Electron cooling
      - Free electron lasers
      - Simulations of vacuum systems
      - Physics of discharges in accelerating structures

    Besides the physics aspects I am interested in the implementation of
    correction and control algorithms, both the programming and the electronics.

    I was responsible to various degrees for the following projects

      - Two-beam test stand in the CLIC test-facility CTF3 at CERN
      - Optical Replica Synthesizer in FLASH at DESY
      - Laser Heater for the European XFEL
      - FREIA at Uppsala University



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