Suzanne Kearns grew up with a love for aviation.  She started flight training at the age of 15, soloed an aircraft on her 16th birthday, and had her Private Pilot Licenses (both aeroplane and helicopter) signed off on her 17th birthday.  She went on to complete a College Diploma as a commercial helicopter pilot, her Bachelor and Masters degrees in Aeronautical Science and Human Factors from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and her PhD in Education (which she earned concurrent with working full-time as a lecturer).

After completing her education, Dr. Kearns' research interests have evolved to focus on education and training methodologies to support the next generation of aviation professional.  She has written two introductory textbooks and two academic books exploring advanced concepts in aviation education.

Dr. Kearns is also the Series Editor of Routledge's 'Aviation Fundamentals' series, through which she supports and guides other authors to produce engaging, accessible, and effective introductory aviation textbooks.