Stan  Zurek Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Stan Zurek

Manager of magnetic development
Megger Instruments Ltd

I hold an MSc and PhD degrees, both as a result of studies on the topic of rotational magnetisation, about which I wrote a book in 2017. I am currently a Manager of magnetic development at Megger, responsible for all aspects of magnetic designs, including design, simulations and testing of transformers, shielding, sensors, induction heaters, electromagnets, permanent magnet assemblies and other electromagnetic devices.


    MSc, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland
    PhD, Cardiff University, Cardiff, United Kingdom

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    * Rotational magnetisation
    * Electrical steels
    * Magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials
    * Magnetic measurements
    * Design of electromagnetic devices
    * Electromagnets
    * Transformers
    * Shielding
    * Sensors



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Characterisation of Soft Magnetic Materials Under Rotational Magnetisation - 1st Edition book cover