Deborah  Court Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Deborah Court

Associate Professor
Bar-Ilan University

Deborah Court was born and educated in Canada. She lives in Israel, where she has worked for more than 20 years. As a faculty member at Bar-Ilan University she has supervised the qualitative research studies of almost 100 graduate students, published 75 academic articles and book chapters and taught hundreds of graduate students how to conduct qualitative research. Her specialty is conducting qualitative research for intercultural understanding, which is the subject of her 2018 book.


My first degree was in cultural anthropology, and I took this interest with me through my ten-year career as an elementary school teacher in Canada. My MA and then Ed.D degrees allowed me to further explore culture and education and the relations between them, and to develop my skills as a qualitative researcher. Living and working in multicultural, multi-religious Israel, and teaching hundreds of graduate students - native born Jewish, Muslem, Christian and Druze Israelis, as well as immigrants from Russia, France, South America and many other countries, further honed my awareness of multicultural issues and the potential of qualitative research to enhance intercultural understanding. I have conducted studies among many of these groups, and became especially interested in the Druze culture, about which I published a number of articles together with a Druze research partner.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Qualitative research methods, religious education, development of teachers' professional knowledge, Druze culture, school and classroom culture

Personal Interests

    Hiking, cultural study, my grandchildren


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Qualitative Research and Intercultural Understanding - Court - 1st Edition book cover