Edward  Cartwright Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Edward Cartwright

Professor of Economics
De Montfort University

Edward Cartwright is a Professor of Economics at De Montfort University. His main research interests are in behavioral economics, public economics and game theory, with a particular focus on social norms, leadership and cooperation in small groups. He also has active research interests in cyber-security and doping in sport. Professor Cartwright has extensive experience of teaching microeconomics and behavioral economics and is passionate about the use of interactive classroom experiments.


Professor Cartwright studied for a PhD in Economics at the University of Warwick under the supervision of Professor Myrna Wooders. Subsequently he spent a year at the University of Paris as a post-doctoral student. Then he went to the University of Kent where he remained for 14 years before joining Leicester Castle Business School at De Montfort University in 2018.


    BA Mathematics and Economics, University of Durham, 1999.
    MSc Economics, University of Warwick, 2000.
    PhD Economics, University of Warwick, 2003.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Professor Cartwright’s main research interests are in behavioral economics, public economics and game theory. One strand of research looks at social norms and issues around prejudice and discrimination. Another looks at leadership and cooperation in small groups. More recent work applies game theory to study issues around cyber-security, particularly in terms of ransomware and other crimes of economic extortion. Another long-term interest is the strategic analysis of doping in sport.  



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