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Fiona Dunkley

Fiona Dunkley is a senior accredited MBACP psychotherapist, trauma specialist, supervisor and trainer. She is a member of EMDR, UKRCP and ESTSS. Fiona has presented on ‘Good Morning Britain’ as a trauma expert, has published several articles and has been asked to speak at various international conferences.


Fiona is passionate about caring for the carers of our world and therefore founded FD Consultants, offering psychosocial support and trauma specialist services to organisations and individuals exposed to trauma directly or indirectly, particularly within the humanitarian aid sector. Fiona initially worked within the National Health Service (NHS) offering crisis support, in the Havens’ forensic sexual violence units. She then went on to join the counselling and trauma service, as the lead counsellor, at Transport for London (TfL), after the London 7/7 bombings. Fiona has worked alongside emergency first responders for many years, including the police, fire service and ambulance services. Fiona moved into the field of humanitarian aid work, offering psychosocial support to organisations including, the Red Cross, Save the Children, Oxfam, Plan International, and Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), to name a few. She worked part-time for InterHealth Worldwide, supporting 500 mission and humanitarian aid organisations, where she was responsible for setting up their trauma and responding in a crisis service. In the last couple of years she has travelled to Gaziantep, Nairobi and Yangon, Myanmar, where she has offered various psychosocial training programmes. Fiona has maintained a well-established private practice for over fifteen years. She also offers supervision for the Samaritans and CALM, supporting staff by offering trauma and stress awareness, vicarious trauma training and resilience building. Fiona develops training courses including, wellbeing and mindfulness, sexual violence awareness, psychological first aid and family liaison training.

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 Featured Title - Psychosocial Support for Humanitarian Aid Workers - 1st Edition book cover


BACP Counselling at Work

Twelve years of trauma

Published: Mar 19, 2018 by BACP Counselling at Work
Authors: Fiona Dunkley

This article highlights the psychological risk to staff whose work exposes them to traumatic material, directly or indirectly. It encourages organisations to implement a trauma management programme as part of their duty of care policies. It explores early intervention support and trauma specialist services.

BACP Therapy Today

Caring for the carers

Published: Jan 04, 2016 by BACP Therapy Today
Authors: Fiona Dunkley

The carers of our world are at risk of vicarious trauma, acute traumatic stress, cumulative stress and burnout. This article highlights the psychological risks and explores ways in which to support and increase the resilience of the carers of our world.

BACP Therapy Today

Working on the Edge

Published: Jan 07, 2015 by BACP Therapy Today
Authors: Fiona Dunkley

The welfare of humanitarian and aid workers will never capture the public imagination in the way that their beneficiaries do. But consider their stress profiles. How often are they at home? Do they even have a secure base? How do they build and sustain intimate relationships? How much suffering, brutality and scarcity have they witnessed? The importance of psychosocial support for aid workers is considered.