Anna  Fiodorova Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Anna Fiodorova

Professor of procedural law
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

My professional career started in 2002 at the Lithuanian police and at the moment ends a the University Carlos III of Madrid. Law and international cooperation has made an indispensable and favourite part of each of my assignments.

Subjects: Law


I am PhD, master and bachelor in law specialized in international co-operation of law enforcement institutions and security issues. Since 2011 I work at the Carlos III University of Madrid in the area of procedural law.

Since 2002 for 9 years I was a Lithuanian police officer. During this period I served for 5 years (2002-2006) within the International Co-operation Units of the Police Department under the MoI (Lithuanian police headquarters) and Lithuanian Criminal Police Bureau. Since the end of 2006 for 3,5 years I was appointed as Home Affairs (Police) Counselor at the Permanent Representation of Lithuania to the European Union responsible for issues related to the internal security. In 2010 I had been transferred to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania as an Adviser of Public Security Strategy Unit, Public Security Policy Department and was responsible for the development on National Internal Security Strategy (police, state border guards, civil protection, VIP protection) and continued work with European initiatives in the security area.


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