Corina  McKendry Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Corina McKendry

Associate Professor of Political Science
Colorado College

Corina McKendry is a professor of political science and environmental studies at Colorado College, a private liberal arts college in Colorado Springs. She has published one book and several articles and book chapters on city environmentalism and climate justice. She is particularly interested in the relationship between social equity, economic growth, and environmental effectiveness in city greening. She received her PhD in Politics from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2011.


Corina was born in the north woods of Minnesota but was raised in California. She received her BA in International Studies from Macalester College in 1998 and spent several years working in the non-profit sector before returning to graduate school. As a graduate of a liberal arts college and a strong believer in undergraduate education, her goal was to work at an institution that prioritized teaching while also giving faculty support for their research and intellectual development. As such, she loves teaching at Colorado College where she received tenure in 2017. She is faculty of the political science department and a core member of the environmental studies program. Beginning in the fall of 2018, she will serve as the Director of the State of the Rockies Program, a collaborative student-faculty research initiative that examines socio-environmental issues facing the Rocky Mountain West.


    BA, Macalester College, 1998
    PhD, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2011


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Greening Post-Industrial Cities (McKendry) - 1st Edition book cover


Local Environment

Cities and the challenge of multiscalar climate justice: Climate governance and social equity in Chicago, Birmingham, and Vancouver

Published: Dec 08, 2015 by Local Environment
Authors: Corina McKendry
Subjects: Environment and Sustainability, Urban Studies

This paper offers concrete examples and a multiscalar analysis to the emerging understanding of the relationship between social justice and greenhouse gas reduction efforts. Examining three cities in the global North that have strived to reduce emissions in a just way, it illustrates the possibility and limits of city efforts to achieve multiscalar climate justice.

International Environmental Agreements

Greening the industrial city: equity, environment, and economic growth in Seattle and Chicago

Published: Nov 09, 2014 by International Environmental Agreements
Authors: Corina McKendry, Nik Janos
Subjects: Economics, Finance, Business & Industry, Environment and Sustainability, Urban Studies

This examines the use of green growth discourse and practice in industrial areas of the cities of Seattle and Chicago. It finds that community efforts to promote environmental justice in these areas have the potential to redefine practices of green economic growth to incorporate social equity and community coherence.