Kevin Page is an author, actor, and holds a master’s degree in psychology. He writes about mindfulness meditation and other healthy mind/body training techniques that make us better actors and human beings. As an actor, he was blown away by a robot (ED-209) in the classic movie, RoboCop (1987), offered Jerry his “show about nothing” on SEINFELD, and played the character that ultimately shoots and kills “JR Ewing” on the 2012 re-boot of the TV series DALLAS. He has appeared in over 100 commercials, voice overs, stage plays, and industrial films throughout his 35-year acting career.

For 2018, Page has three new books coming out, including: Advanced Consciousness Training (A.C.T.) for Actors (Routledge), that teaches both stage and screen actors how to use various meditative arts to improve their abilities as performers; Psychology for Actors (Routledge), that applies 20th century post-Stanislavski psychological theories and techniques to the actor’s craft; and 150% Better Auditions (now available on, a popular version of his meditation system for actors and performers of any type.

In addition to writing and acting, he has been a documentary filmmaker, stockbroker, investment banker, entrepreneur, gallery owner, and artist. He holds four U.S. patents on a technology that uses robotics and software to create large-format pointillist-style oil paintings.

Kevin Page is active on social media and can be followed on various platforms, including:

Twitter and Instagram: @KevinWPage

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BA, Theater Arts; MA, Psychology
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Actor training
Consciousness Research
Audition Technique
Personal Interests
Writing (fiction and non-fiction)
Documentary film-making
Meditation training
Mind/Body Fitness
Visual Arts
Web Development
Popular culture