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Charles Corliss

Licensed, Board Certified Clinical Psychologist
Private Practice

Dr. Corliss has always been fascinated by dream theory, especially the work of C. G. Jung. In studying Jung, Corliss came across the name of Herbert Silberer, and was moved by his tragic story. A brilliant theorist, Silberer was ostracized by the psychoanalytic community, took his own life, and had his writings fade into oblivion. Dr. Corliss, troubled by this injustice , and impressed by Silberer's work, proceeded to unearth these writings. This book is the end product of such excavation.


As a licensed, board certified, clinical psychologist practicing in New York City for more than three decades, Dr. Corliss has always had a strong interest in community work, particularly in reaching underserved, marginalized populations..  He has done numerous professional presentations on engaging such economically disadvantaged individuals in psychotherapy. In such work,  Dr. Corliss has gravitated toward depth psychology and humanistic approaches -- including an intense fascination with the meaning of dreams. He has found the the writings of Rogers, Yalom, Frankl, Kalsched, and Jung particularly valuable.

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    Dr. Corliss' work on Herbert Silberer is both an extension of his commitment to the marginalized, as well as a reflection of his connection to depth psychology -- especially the meaning of dreams and symbols. Corliss has attempted to return the voice of a promising theorist that was silenced almost a century ago back into the 'early pioneers of psychoanalysis' debate.


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