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2015 “Shinpei Takeda Antimonument” Nagasaki Art Museum
2014 “Alpha Decay: Can contemporary art express the memory of atomic bomb”
Gendai Shokan
2014 “Hiroshima Nagasaki Beyond the Ocean” Yururi Shobo
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Presentation / Lecture
2017 “Antimonument” 24th Adams Humanities Lecture, San Diego State University
2016 “Antimonument: possibilities and impossibilites of downloading memories of massive violence” University of Oklahoma Presidential Dream Course
2012 “Alpha Decay-Downloading Memories of Americas” United Nations First Committee
2011 “Downloading memories of post-conflict diaspora: Art and Ethnography as public scholarship” University of Illinois Urbana Champagne
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2006 “Building Common Agendas” University of California , Los Angeles
Geology, Duke University, Durham-North Carolina, 2001
Organizational Studies, University of San Diego, 2006
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
Nuclear Humanities, Arts, Arts and Culture, Asian American Studies, Asian Diaspora