Jason  Russell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jason Russell

Associate Professor
Empire State College -- SUNY

Jason Russell is an Associate Professor at Empire State College -- SUNY where he teaches work and labor studies, and policy studies. He completed a Ph.D. in History at York University in Toronto in 2010. His research and publication interests focus on work, labor, and capital in Canada and the United States from the mid-1930s to the end of the twentieth century.

Subjects: History


I came to academia after working the private sector for seventeen years.  I was also a volunteer union activist during that time.  I have long been interested in how the modern workplace developed.  My recent publications have focused on the development of management in post-World War II Canada, and also on management interaction with unions.  My first book was a case study of a large composite local union in Canada from 1950 to 1990.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Canadian and American labor and working-class history
    History of management in Canada and the United States

Personal Interests

    My future research projects will continue to focus on interaction between workers and employers, the development of business and management, and workers' movements.  


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Making Managers in Canada; Russell - 1st Edition book cover


Labour/Le Travail

“Caterpillar Hates Unions More Than It Loves Profits”: The Electro-Motive Closure and the Dilemmas of Union Strategy

Published: May 01, 2018 by Labour/Le Travail
Authors: Jason Russell and Stephanie Ross

The February 2012 closure of London, Ontario’s Electro-Motive Diesel by the notoriously anti-union US multinational Caterpillar symbolizes the deep challenges faced by private sector unions in globalized industries. This article explores the implications of changes in corporate structure, investment, and labour-relations strategy in manufacturing that have reduced capital’s dependence on production and increased corporate power over workers.

Management and Organizational History

Toward polyphonic constitutive historicism: a new research agenda for management historians

Published: Dec 10, 2015 by Management and Organizational History
Authors: Jason Russell and Andrew Smith

Ten years after the call for a ‘historic turn,’ this paper builds on recent developments in organizational remembering scholarship to outline a new research agenda for management historians. Traditionally, management historians have focused on understanding what actually took place in the past. The research agenda for management historians proposed in this paper involves a shift in focus to understanding how perceptions of the past influence economic action in the present.

Management and Organizational History

Organization men and women: making managers at Bell Canada from the 1940s to the 1960s

Published: Oct 30, 2015 by Management and Organizational History
Authors: Jason Russell

The development of management as an occupation in post-World War II Canada is a topic that has received some attention from historians, but it is still an aspect of work and labor history that merits closer attention. This article seeks to reveal something about the nature of management work in Canada in the postwar decades by looking at how managers at Bell Canada were trained from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.