Elmar  Kutsch Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Elmar Kutsch

“To be uncertain is uncomfortable, but to be certain is ridiculous.” (Chinese Proverb) Being uncomfortable is both a challenge and an opportunity for Elmar. As a passionate Skydiver his interests, both privately and professionally, revolve around management of the unexpected.


In order to raise enthusiasm for his expertise in managing risk and uncertainty,and establishing ways of resilient organising, Elmar engages widely with industry and advocates of risk management and organisational resilience. This includes organisations such as the Airmic (https://www.airmic.com/) or the Business Continuity Programme (BCI, http://www.thebci.org/) to further the development of behavioral capabilities for managing risk and uncertainty.

Over the past few years Elmar has become involved in the development of Graduate Programmes and Customised Executive Development, providing intuitive and deliverable-based learning methods. In 2017, he received the Cranfield SOM Teaching and Learning Faculty award for excellence in researching, developing, delivering and publishing impactful case studies. He is a visiting Professor at IéSEG (France) and is also associated with Umeå University (Sweden) as a guest researcher. He publishes widely on aspects of Risk Management, Resilience and High Reliability Organisations.


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