Leah  Zhu Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Leah Zhu

Adolescent psychotherapist
Independent researcher

Leah Zhu received her Bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the South China Normal University and her Master's and Doctorate degrees from the University of Washington. She was a professor of language and literature, current issues in American education and adolescent psychotherapy. Leah's main interest is in how cultural environment impacts psychological development and abnormalities. She has published books and journal articles in both English and Chinese languages.


Dr. Zhu spent half of her life in China living, learning and teaching and then spent the other half of her life in America living, learning and teaching, the whole time seeking to understand how cultural environment impacts people‚Äôs psychological development. Her career as an adolescent psychotherapist provided her a valuable opportunity to observe, first hand, how cultural values  at work and her teaching experience allowed her in depth dialogues with graduate students from diverse cultural backgrounds. Such personal and professional knowledge laid down the foundation for her books published in both America and China.


    B.A degree in English Language and Literature
    M.A degree in Educational Studies
    Ph.d in Adolescent Psycholofy

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Dr. Zhu's most recent book "The Power of Relationalism in China" represents a culmination of years of researching in the area of cultural impacts on human conduct. Supported by evidence from Chinese history, philosophy, sociology and psychology, Dr. Zhu argued that, after peeling off the many confusing and inaccurate labels used to describe the Chinese culture, the reader of her book will discover that the true descriptor of the Chinese culture is relationalism, the long-held but seldom researched core value that regards the reciprocal interconnectedness of the human network as the most valuable attainment worthy of honoring and sustaining. This book offers cogent evidence that relationalism is the true explanation of China's past and present private and public behavior.  


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 Featured Title - The Power of Relationalism in China - 1st Edition book cover