Ali  Black Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ali Black

University of the Sunshine Coast

Ali Black is an innovative arts-based and narrative researcher at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Her research and scholarly work seeks to foster connectedness, community, wellbeing and meaning-making through the building of reflective and creative lives and identities. Ali's research engages narrative, memoir, autoethnography, and aesthetic pedagogies.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Ali is interested in research inquiry using arts-based research methods

    - Narrative and visual inquiry
    - Memoir
    - 'Research as writing'
    - Autoethnography, self-study, narrative constructions of the 'self'
    - Digital, visual and aesthetic pedagogies
    - Arts-based representations

    She is interested in understanding lives and learning

    - Participatory research with children
    - Child/nature relationships
    - Academic identities
    - Women's lived experience
    - Gender studies and agency
    - Wellbeing and holistic education
    - Explorations of creativity, connection, identities, relationships
    - Relational knowledge construction



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Lived Experiences of Women in Academia - 1st Edition book cover


Life Writing

I am Keith Wright's daughter: Writing things I 'almost' cannot say

Published: Jul 10, 2018 by Life Writing
Authors: Alison L Black

Using creative writing and storying I piece/peace together my relationship to/with my father. Writing the things I ‘almost’ cannot say—and have not been able to say for most of my life—is a storying in and through the dark, a storying in and through the wounding, and a storying in and to healing.

New Writing

Digesting a life: Embodying transformation through creative writing

Published: Jul 10, 2018 by New Writing
Authors: Alison L Black

What does essential transformation entail? How does the caterpillar become a butterfly? What supports transformation inside the cocoon? This paper considers these questions alongside embodied struggles, experiences and insights of living a life.