Azumi  Tamura Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Azumi Tamura

Shiga University

I am a lecturer at the International Center in Shiga University, and a visiting researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Area Studies in Ritsumeikan University, Japan. My research explores the formation of resistant political subjectivity in a complex society from both philosophical and practical standpoints.


After graduating in International Relations from Ritsumeikan University, Japan, I worked for 5 years as a writer for a newspaper in Japan. I completed my post-graduate study at the University of Bradford, UK. My master’s research examined deviance and violent imaginary among young Japanese people from the perspective of peace studies, which led me to question how disempowered people can act to bring about change without violence. For my doctoral research, I investigated Japanese activism after the Fukushima nuclear disaster that mobilized many 'apolitical’ citizens, with a particular focus on the protesters' identity and sense of value.

My research interest concerns how people acquire ethico-political agency in a complex society and form a rebellion against the oppressive authority. I explore potential subversive agency using the framework of Deleuze's philosophy, new materialism and post-humanism. The current project also involves depicting the dignity of the marginalised existence and their struggles through creative writing.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Social movements, Political Sociology, Political Philosophy, Contemporary Philosophy, Japanese Studies

Personal Interests

    Creative writing is my lifetime passion. I also enjoy music, painting and hiking.



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