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James Sale

Creative Director
Motivational Maps Limited

James has had 23 years of intensive experience in training and mentoring people and helping them and their organisations realise their full potential. Motivation and mentoring guru and creator of Motivational Maps. He is passionate about learning, about sharing, and about others seeing what they can truly achieve.


James Sale is the creator of Motivational Maps and the founder of Motivational Maps Ltd. He is a speaker, writer and thought leader in the worldwide movement to transform how management works by enabling the ego-centred, fear-based Twentieth Century top-down control model to be superseded by a Twenty-First Century dynamic, bottom-up, engagement focused approach. His three books, Mapping Motivation, Mapping Motivation for Coaching, and Mapping Motivation for Engagement published by Routledge, are the definitive texts on how to do this by specifically addressing the question of employee motivation and its correlation with performance, productivity and profitability. James has over 500 management consultants and business coaches in 14 countries that are licensed to use his product with corporates, small and medium sized businesses, and public sector organisations.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Alongside this motivational work, James has been a writer for 50 years, and has had over 40 books published, including 7 collections of poetry, as well as books from Macmillan/Nelson (The Poetry Show volumes 1, 2, 3), Pearsons/York Notes (Macbeth, Six Women Poets), and other major publishers (Hodder & Stoughton, Longmans, Folens, Stanley Thornes) on how to teach the writing of poetry. Most recently his poems have appeared in the UK in many magazines. He won 2nd Prize in The Society of Classical Poets (New York) 2014 Annual Poetry Competition and First prize in their 2017 competition and has been invited to join their Advisory Board. He has had over 400 blogs published, many on literary themes and reviews, online as well as in magazines; he is an accredited ‘Diamond Author’ – their highest level – with ezine.com, the world’s largest online article provider.

Personal Interests

    Shakespeare, Dante & poetry. James was a co-founder and director of the KQBX Press, which published dozens of poets before it closed in the late 90s, including: Sean Street, Michael Henry, Brian Hinton, Sarah Hopkins, and Helen Flint. Finally, the Bournemouth Yellow Buses company selected James as one of their top six poets as part of their marketing campaign around the town in 2016. He was given a free bus pass as part of the deal – nice!



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 Featured Title - Mapping Motivation for Coaching: Sale - 1st Edition book cover