Kurt  Ingerle Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Kurt Ingerle

Since my habilitation in 1969, I have dealt with this much discussed and unresolved topic. Even then, I was able to take a first step towards the solution.


1951 Matura, humanistic grammar school Melk in Austria
1951 studied Civil Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology
1958 worked in the construction office of Hofman-Maculan
1959 assistant at the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology
1960 Doctorate of Technical Sciences
1964 authority of a civil engineering engineer
1969 teaching authorization as university lecturer at the Vienna University of Technology
1972 Univ.Prof. at the Institute of Environmental Engineering Univerity of Innsbruck
2001 Emeritus Professor

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    More than 150 different projects, examples:
    - Regional groundwater planning (Linz, Innsbruck, groundwater cadastre Tyrol, etc.)
    - Regional wastewater planning (Hallein, Innsbruck AIZ, Woergl, Hall, Watttens, Lechtal, Zirl, etc.)
    - Regional waste planning (South Tyrol, Steyr, Innsbruck, East Tyrol, etc.)
    - Wastewater Treatment Plants (Innsbruck, Strass, Vienna, Adynli-Istanbul, Dominican Republic)
    - Wastewater Treatment Plants in alpine areas
    - Electrical Hydro Power Plants (Power Plant Freudenau, Traun-Haid, Edt, Lambach)
    - geothermal
    - Flood retention basin Teichstätt
    - Numerous patents: e.g. Large vertical filter well, Biocos Wastewater Treatment Plants



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