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Mounir Ajam


Mounir is an executive, entrepreneur, author, speaker, social activist, and project management leader with decades of professional experience. He has worked/lived in USA, UK, S.E. Asia and West Asia. He has been involved with projects worth billions of dollars. Mounir has a Master Degree in Engineering & Construction Management from the University of California Berkeley in 1990; and a Civil Engineering degree from University of Houston. He is a graduate of PMI Leadership Institute Master Class.


Mounir is an executive, entrepreneur, author, global speaker, social activist, and project management thought leader with decades of professional experience.

Currently, he is the co-founder and CEO of SUKAD Corp, an integrated project management solutions provider.

He is an active advocate of real-world Project Management and with a blog site and YouTube channel carrying the name Applied Project Management.

Mounir professional experience is global and earned in the United States, the United Kingdom, South East Asia, and West Asia. He has been involved with projects worth billions of dollars while working with global leaders such as Exxon, Shell, BASF, Total, and Saudi Aramco. His past roles included estimating, planning, control and services management, project manager, and executive management.
Mounir is an active volunteer leader and he has held numerous global roles, as a volunteer. These include PMI® Congress Project Action Team, PMI® Advisory Group for Registered Education Provider program, judging panel on PMI® providers and educational awards. Mounir is also a co-founder of the Global Project and Process Management Association (GPPMA) and served as Board of Director Chairperson for three years.

Mounir has a Master's Degree in Engineering & Construction Management from the top-ranked University of California Berkeley in 1990. He is a graduate of the PMI® Leadership Institute Master Class. He earned his Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification in 1998.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Project Management, Global Project Management, Organizational Project Management and Strategic Management, Research & Development in PM developing organizational approaches and methodologies for the management of projects.

Personal Interests

    I have two passions
    1. Project Management and the advancement of this dynamic domain
    2. Community and National Development

    My personal dream is to combine both of these passions through a not-for-profit organization that would promote and support communities around the world, empowering their people and society through the effective application of project management.

    Our vision is Project Management for All Aspects of Life
    Our mission is for PM to be an agent of change and a catalyst for development.



Featured Title
 Featured Title - Project Management - 1st Edition book cover


New Book Published

By: Mounir Ajam
Subjects: Business & Management

This book’s core focus is on how to lead megaprojects, concept to success, using a tailored approach.

We will introduce the fundamentals and vital concepts for the tailored approach in the first part of the book, then follow it with a simulation of a realistic project in the second part. However, before presenting the tailored approach and the simulation, the book addresses the current reality and the challenges of the megaproject management practice.

Our discussions emphasize a project life cycle (PLC) model to lead megaprojects from concepts to closure (concept to success), which makes this book’s focus ideal for project owners. This owners’ PLC focus is critical because (1) the success and failure of megaprojects start with the project owner in the discovery phase of a project; and (2) there are not enough resources covering projects from concept to closure. Even the numerous postgraduate programs from leading universities are focused on engineering or construction management—that is, the implementation (execution) phase of capital projects. Further, the emphasis on the project owners is that these organizations are the ones that launch the projects and will own their products to generate the benefits from the produced asset. In this context, a project owner could be a private or public entity.

Although this book is ideal for project owners and their executives, senior managers, and project teams, it is highly valuable for all other organizations involved in projects, including engineering, construction, and project/construction management companies. Another message to stress at this time is that this book is also suitable for all industries that handle large and complex projects, so do not let the title of megaprojects intimidate you into believing it is limited to engineering and construction.

Launched SUKAD Corp

By: Mounir Ajam
Subjects: Business & Management

The history started in 1998, but the last iteration was SUKAD FZ-LLC, a UAE-based company, founded in 2004. SUKAD Corp is partially a continuation of the UAE company, with a few exceptions.

SUKAD Corp, the current company, the core focus is the Uruk PPM Platform, which would be the primary driver to engaging clients for the various SUKAD services. The Uruk PPM Platform would be the solution that would significantly enhance our ability to offer Integrated Project Management Solutions (IPMS).

In addition to developing and marketing the Uruk PPM Platform, the previous SUKAD has developed numerous courses and training programs, an online training program, and organizational development and consultancy solutions. Once the Uruk PPM Platform is ready for the market initial release, we would be marketing all other products, services, and solutions.

The bottom line, SUKAD Corp core competency is a project management and all our work evolve around this dynamic domain and emerging profession.

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By: Mounir Ajam
Subjects: Business & Management

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The video present information about the book

Published: Aug 11, 2018