Aimee  Grant Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Aimee Grant

Wellcome Trust ISSF Fellow
Cardiff University

Dr Aimee Grant is a Qualitative Researcher at the Centre for Trials Research, Cardiff University. She undertakes research on health, pregnancy and motherhood, with an aim to make society more fair. Throughout her work, Aimee has consistently used documents as data, and brings this expertise to her writing on documentary analysis. If you have any feedback on this book, please feel free to leave comments or reviews here, or to contact Aimee on Twitter - @DrAimeeGrant


I am a qualitative researcher with a longstanding interest in health and social care.

Following completion of my ESRC funded PhD (social policy) in 2011, I have undertaken research for Government, the third sector (notably ASH Wales), and the NHS.  Since 2013, I have been employed in research roles within Cardiff University.  I am currently undertaking a Wellcome Trust ISSF fellowship at Cardiff University's Centre for Trials Research, examining barriers and facilitators to public breastfeeding.  Alongside a systematic review of qualitative research, empirical data will be collected through urban ethnography.  


    PhD social policy, Cardiff University, UK, 2011
    MSc Social Science Research Methods, Cardiff University
    BSc (Econ) Criminology and Social Policy, Cardiff University

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Since my undergraduate studies (completed in 2006), I have been interested in the content of documents and how they shape behaviour within organisations.  My interest in social research methods was solidified during my MSc studies, and I have used documentary analysis consistently throughout my career to date.  Over the past few years, I have been critically considering documentary analysis methodology.

    In terms of my empirical interest, have a long-standing interest in health, and have focused mostly on pregnancy and early parenthood since 2013, with a particular interest in infant feeding.  My research is concerned with the everyday ways in which pregnant women and mothers are stigmatised by society.

    I have also designed the qualitative research components of a number of studies examining the feasibility and acceptability of complex interventions to improve health.   This includes a smoking in pregnancy cessation project with Public Health Wales, Models for Access to Maternal Smoking cessation Support (MAMSS), a Breastfeeding Peer Support for Breastfeeding Maintenance study (Mam-Kind) funded by the NIHR, an NIHR funded feasibility study of a youth drug prevention programme, ASSIST+Frank, led by DECIPHer, and the STAR Family study, examining reproductive decision making and experiences among women with rheumatic diseases.  These projects are currently being written up for publication. I also previously undertook ethnographic data collection on paediatric hospital wards as part of the PUMA project, to understand professional decision making.  


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