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Eve Turner

Eve Turner was born in London to Tricia and Al in 1955. Al came through Ellis Island, New York from the Ukraine via Vienna in 1921, after his family fled programs in Zhytomyr. Her grandfather, whom she never met, was a leading composer of Jewish liturgical music, while her father's desire to be a writer was never achieved. Eve drew on both, gaining an MMus and Diploma in classical guitar, before eventually becoming a journalist & leader in the BBC. She is an award-winning coach and supervisor.


Eve Turner is a Master Executive Coach, Supervisor, Facilitator and Trainer, working with individuals and teams, who develops high-achieving leaders across sectors.  She specialises in coaching leaders and organizations to deal with transitions and execute change effectively as well as deal with interpersonal challenges.  She also works supervising internal and external coaches one-to-one and in groups.  Eve trains leaders in coaching/mentoring techniques and has taught/supervised on supervisor training programmes.  She is a Fellow at Henley Business School and the University of Southampton.  

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Contracting (including multi-stakeholder contracting)

Personal Interests

    Football, walking in the countryside, sitting by water, the gym (because it's good for me!), reading, writing.


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