Federica  Ferrari Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Federica Ferrari

Assistant Professor
University of Bologna

"Wars are not fought with words. And yet, with words wars can be provoked as well as avoided. [Words] can kill and do magic as well..."


I am a Tenured Researcher in English Linguistics at the University of Bologna, School of Political Sciences and Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures. My research predominantly focuses on persuasive phenomena within strategic communication and discourse analysis methodologies with a focus on conceptual metaphor as main tool of analysis and transformative device. Particular attention is given to cognitive, pragmatic and interactive features (relation between language and thought, discourse and action, and inter/intra disciplinary relations). I have developed a specific competence in conceptual metaphor as a text analysis method, a persuasive tool in political discourse and a transformative device in psycho-practice.


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