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Thomas Chor wing CHIU

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I practice as a lawyer specializing in international trade, in particular China. I was a member of the Australia China Council, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia (1998-2004), I was appointed by the Asian Development Bank twice as an international legal expert to prepare 2 technical reports (TA 3302 - on the insurance regulatory regime of China and TA 4410 - on the retirement regime of Mongolia). At present I provide advice on turning bio-mess for the Australian agribusiness.


I was a former member of the New England - North West Regional Development Board of the State of New South Wales, Australia (1993-1996), and a member of the Australia - China Council of the Commonwealth Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (1997-2004), a prestigious appointment by the Australian government. The Asian Development Bank appointed him as an international legal expert in projects TA3302 and TA4410 reports respectively in 1998 and 2007.
In 1997-1998 I acted for the Asian communities in Australia to take legal action against the One Nation Party for racial discrimination in conjunction with Philips Fox, the High Court case (Sue v Hill) was the case about this matter. At present I assist an industry leader in recycling Australian
bio-mess (agricultural waste after every harvesting season) into single and multiple uses utensils such as take-away boxes and coffee cups.  


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