Dr. Sharae Deckard is a tenured permanent Lecturer in World Literature at UCD. Her research interests intersect environmental criticism and world-systems approaches to world literature, ecology, and culture. Her monograph, Paradise Discourse, Imperialism and Globalization, was published by Routledge in 2010, and she is a co-author with the Warwick Research Collective (WReC) of Combined and Uneven Development: Towards a New Theory of World-Literature, a monograph published by Liverpool UP in 2015.  With Rashmi Varma, she is co-editor of Marxism, Postcolonial Theory, and the Future of Critique: Critical Engagements with Benita Parry (Routledge 2018). With Stephen Shapiro, she is co-editor of World Literature, Neoliberalism and the Culture of Discontent (Palgrave 2019). She recently co-edited a special issue of Ariel on "Towards a Radical World Literature: Experimental Writing in a Globalizing World" (2016) as well as a special issue of The Journal of World-Systems Research on "Ireland in the World-System" (2016). She has also edited a special issue of Green Letters on global and postcolonial ecologies and co-edited a special issue of The Journal of Postcolonial Writing on "Postcolonial Studies and World Literature." She has published multiple articles on postcolonial ecocriticism and world-ecology in Green Letters, Moving Worlds, Interventions and various edited collections, and is currently working on a new book project exploring representations of neoliberal ecology and crises of food, water, and climate in world literature. She has a particular interest in questions of genre, including peripheral realism, 'critical irrealism,' and ecogothic and climate dystopias.
PHD University of Warwick, UK, 2007
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
• Environmental Humanities and World Literature
• Marxist Postcolonial Theory
• World-Systems and World-Ecology Theories
• Neoliberalism and Contemporary Culture
•      Ecogothic and the Global Novel