Jon P. Howell Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jon P. Howell

Professor Emeritus
New Mexico State University

Jon’s work focuses on leadership. His publications have appeared in top level academic journals and he has received research awards from Academy of Management, Center for Creative Leadership, Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Global Leadership Advancement Center. His textbooks are titled Understanding Behaviors for Effective Leadership (1st & 2nd ed., 2006, Pearson Prentice Hall) and Snapshots of Great Leadership (1st & 2nd ed., 2018, Taylor and Francis).



• M. Scott Myers Award for the best applied research project in the workplace, 2005. Presented by the Society of Industrial & Organizational Psychology for the Global Leadership & Organizational Behavior Effectiveness (GLOBE) project. I was lead county co-investigator for Mexico on this project.  
• Bank of America Distinguished Professorship, 2004-2006.
• Donald C. Roush Award for Excellence in Teaching, NMSU, 2003.
• Paul Hersey Award for the Best Leadership paper presented in the Management History Division at the National Academy of Management Meeting, Chicago, 1999.
• William A. Owens Scholarly Achievement Award presented by the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology,1997. This award is for a publication in a refereed journal judged to have the highest potential to significantly impact the field of Industrial/Organizational Psychology,1997.
• Best Paper Award from the Center for Creative Leadership for the best article published in Leadership Quarterly in 1997.
• 2000-2001Outstanding Researcher Award in the College of Business Administration & Economics, NMSU, 1981-1982, 1987-1988, 2000-2001.


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    Leadership, substitutes for leadership, organizational behavior, management

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