DANIEL JAMES BUCKLES Author of Evaluating Organization Development



Currently I am an advocate for public engagement in responding to the climate crisis in municipal settings. In Ottawa where I live this involves bringing the voices of organized community groups together around the development of a people’s Official Plan that will provide a clear policy direction to municipal governments. Urban forests, and their loving contributions to urban life, are the inspiration behind the project. The approach builds on more than 30 years of action-oriented research.


Because I like to work with others, I have co-authored 6 books on topics including participatory action research, indigenous land rights in India, sustainable agriculture in Mexico and Honduras, alternatives to tobacco farming and the use of wild foods in South Asia. While at IDRC I edited a widely cited book on conflict and collaboration in natural resource management (Cultivating Peace: Conflict and Collaboration in Natural Resource Management, 1999). As a facilitator of group problem-solving and an evaluator of international development I have had the opportunity to work with people on a wide range of pressing issues in Canada, West Africa, South Asia and Latin America. I teach occasionally at Carleton University and give short courses on doing participatory action research, planning and evaluation. Recent books include Participatory Action Research: Theory and Methods for Engaged Inquiry (2nd edition 2019), with Jacques Chevalier published by Routledge and Fighting Eviction: Tribal Land Rights and Research-in-Action (2013, with Rajeev Khedkar, published by Cambridge University Press, India).

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Participatory action research, Public engagement, Participatory Evaluation, Group Facilitation, Training in action-oriented problem solving

Personal Interests

    Urban forests and equitable access to the multiple benefits of trees. Fighting poverty and the injustice it perpetuates. The natural world as teacher.


Featured Title
 Featured Title - Participatory Action Research - Chevalier & Buckles 2nd ed - 1st Edition book cover