Dona J. Young, MA, teaches professional writing at Indiana University Northwest and conducts writing workshops at major corporations and universities. She earned an MA in education from The University of Chicago and a BA in sociology from Northern Illinois University, with minors in secondary education and business education.

Formerly the Director of General Education at Robert Morris College (Chicago), Young is also the author of The Writer's Handbook: A Guide for Social Workers (WTK Publishing, 2014), The Writer's Handbook: 12 Workshops for Effective Writing (WTK Publishing, 2015), Business English: Writing for the Global Workplace (McGraw-Hill Higher Education, 2008), and Foundations of Business Communication (McGraw-Hill/Irwin, 2006), among others. She believes that writing is a powerful learning tool and that learning shapes our lives;
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
At Indiana University Northwest, Young teaches professional writing through the English Department and scholarly, evidence-based writing through the Social Work Department. Young also conducts writing workshops for other universities and major corporations around the US.

For universities, Young generally works with individual departments presenting The Writer's Handbook Workshop. In the workshop, professors receive tools and learn methods to improve student writing in their discipline as well as collaborate on how to implement changes in their curriculum to enhance student outcomes. The objective of the workshop is not only to assist professors in improving student writing skills but also increase retention and improve graduation rates for at-risk students.

For corporations, Young teaches professionals how to reader-friendly writing that enhances business relationships: getting the job done is often as much about the relationship as it is the information. One angry e-mail can destroy a relationship and sometimes also a career. Her  most popular programs are The Business Writing Workshop and Writing to Influence.
Personal Interests
Young enjoys cooking, swimming, and taking Jake, her Labrador retriever, on hikes in the forest and on the beach near her home along the shores of Lake Michigan.