Ange  Anderson Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Ange Anderson

Head teacher
Ysgol Pen Coch

Ange Anderson ,M.Ed is a head teacher of a special school in North Wales. The school caters for 104 pupils aged from 2 to 11yrs with a complexity of learning difficulties. She has authored several educational articles and papers on therapeutic intervention, is involved in international research work and has presented internationally on topics related to special education. She also writes childrens books under the name of Angela Morgan.

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Autism;Profund & Multiple learning difficulties(PMLD) Therapeutic Interventions, Technological interventions in special needs.

Personal Interests

    Writing. Going to the ballet. Some classical music.Walking the dog. Reading. home decorating.


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The Future of Special Schools and Therapeutic Intervention

Published: Apr 03, 2019 by
Authors: Ange Anderson et al

These articles looks towards the future regarding the education and well-being of students with disabilities and other special needs.


Published: Apr 08, 2016 by
Authors: Ange Anderson
Subjects: Education

Over the last 30 years, controversy has reigned over the rights of children with learning disabilities to be educated alongside their peers in a mainstream classroom. There have been calls for the abolition of special schools. This paper does not look at the rights of children with learning disabilities to an education in an inclusive setting but the rights of adults with severe or profound learning disabilities to lifelong education and well‐being.



Published: Apr 12, 2015 by PMLD Link
Authors: Ange Anderson

Since Aristotle in his Nicomachean ethics (350BC) used the term eudemonia, which today we refer to as well-being, academics continue to debate its definition often using objective measures that include social and economic conditions such as income, educational resources and health status whilst others have used subjective indicators including life satisfaction, anxiety and emotional well-being.


Ange Anderson interviewing Frank Bruno MBE on Therapeutic Interventions

Published: Jun 11, 2017

Ange Anderson interviewing Frank Bruno MBE, who attended a special school, on the use of therapeutic and technological interventions