Andrea  Alunni Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Andrea Alunni

Oxford University Innovation Alumni

I analysed a 15-year span of data from the Oxford TTO and concluded that an effective TT roadmap should first of all revolve around the proof-of-concept (POC) mechanism, which surprisingly, is also the cheapest tool within the current available TT tools. The result of this analysis materialized in a Vademecum which is the first evidence-based TT roadmap for an effective solution to the "Valley of Death". I am an expert of Technology-Transfer, Intellectual Property & management of Seed Funds.


My professional experience spansĀ over 25 years in the field of finance, technology and innovation, including corporate finance in Telecom Italia, technology investment banking at Nomura and private equity at CDC Capital Partners in London.
I joined Oxford University Technology Transfer Office (OUI) in August 2008 as Head of New Venture Support and Funding to assist the University to manage operations and invest at proof-of-concept level and raise finance for progressing technology spin-outs. He was also Senior Advisor to OUI and Chairman of the Italian Foundation LINKS since 2016. In March 2018 I chaired the 1st European Union IP Office Technology Transfer workshop in Spain and in July 2018 the 1st European Patent Office Technology Transfer conference in Munich. I am now senior Advisor to the European Commission on Corporate Venturing.
As an electronics engineer by background, I gained an MSc in Strasbourg (France-1994) in the field of Technology Transfer, and an MBA in Rome (Italy-1995) on finance and management. I completed a DPhil in IP development and Innovation at the University of Perugia (Italy-2019) and a specialisation in Intellectual Property Law & Practice at the University of Oxford (UK-2018).
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Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    My philosophy of sharing knowledge and teaching innovators in search of technical advice and funding for their inventions is to craft a combined research and entrepreneurial environment that allows for supervised exploration. I believe that the most significant learning occurs in situations that are both meaningful and realistic. The overriding goal of my knowledge transfer and teaching experience has been to place learners in these kinds of situations: in the technology transfer office of the University of Oxford, where I worked for more than 8 years, I guided first time proof-of-concept funding applicants in the learning of how different is the world of research from that of entrepreneurship.

Personal Interests

    What drives the enthusiasm that I feel for research and teaching is the passion given to the scientific work by professors and researchers in the endeavour of producing innovation. My personal interests focus on encouraging impact finance via proof of concept funding at early stage level so that Technology Transfer benefits can be projected to long-term approaches, which is required when investing in sound scientific ideas in a highly uncertain environment.