My earliest reflections about racism, nationalism and policy were during the early 1990s when Germany suffered from historic violence including multiple attacks on housing for people seeking asylum. During those years, I researched and wrote an undergraduate thesis on Germany’s political asylum policy. The racist nationalism of those years complicated the plights of people seeking refuge in a country where neither the policies nor much of the populous were welcoming.

Most of my writing is about racism, public policy and urban planning from a feminist perspective, but I've also drafted a memoir, "I Forgot to Go on Safari," about two years living in Kenya with my (dearly departed) dog, Mickey. Why go on safari when you live with an animal?

We moved to Nairobi from Los Angeles right before the 2013 Kenyan elections when both of the front running presidential candidates were facing ICC charges for crimes against humanity. My favorite place for grading students' papers was a cafe in Westgate Shopping Mall until terrorists attacked it in September 2013.
Ph.D., Urban Planning, University of California Los Angeles
M.A., African Studies, University of California Los Angeles
B.A., honors, Independent Studies, UC Santa Cruz
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
My writing looks at race, public policy and urban planning from feminist and international perspectives. I am working on my second book which is tentatively titled Women, Wars and Public Policies.  As with my first book, Race, Nation, War, I aim to shed light on migration and security debates. Women, Wars and Public Policies compares experiences of Japanese American women during WWII with those of women forced away from their homes during the so-called war on terror.
Personal Interests
My ideas of fun include running along the river with my puppy, Pete, and reading novels.

I'm currently obsessed with the crime drama series, Modus and Unforgotten, and I've watched The Tunnel and Downton Abbey around thirty-two times each. Edith is the best dressed, but I wouldn't invite her or Mary over for dinner.