M Phil, Centre for Philosophy, JNU, New Delhi (2017)
MA, CP, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India (2015)
PhD, CP, JNU (current)
Areas of Research / Professional Expertise
1. PhD - Feminist Philosophy from a Dalit Perspective (working)
2. M Phil - Ambedkar as a Feminist Philosopher
3. intersection between Philosophy and Psychotherapy
4. integration of Body and Mind
5. MA - Nature of Mental Content: Internalism-Externalism Debate
Personal Interests
philosophy, psychology, autobiographies, academic activism, intermittent fasting, water therapy, fitness and well-being, painting, music, meditation, yoga, performance, ancient greek culture, athletics, theatre, art, crafting, poetry, designing, calligraphy, photography... exploring an intersection of love, wisdom & justice!