Jeppe Sinding  Jensen Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Jeppe Sinding Jensen

Emer. prof. dr.phil.
Dept. of Culture and Society, Aarhus University

Originally BA in Classical Arabic and an MA in the History of Religions - developed an interest in the relations between religion, culture and psychology and comparative studies thereof. Related theories and methods were prominent issues in my research and teaching / supervision. Later affilations with research in the cognitive sciences and the Interactive Minds Centre furthered my interests in the relations between culture and mind, in most societies regulated by religious traditions.


Any details may be requested - a long intellectual voyage from my initial studies in languages to the present focus on social ontologies, their making(s) and functions in individualand collective life

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Comparative study of religion, ritual studies, semiotics, narratology, social ontology, social psychology constructionism

Personal Interests

    Food, wine, music - of many kinds, from Mozart to Raggamuffin



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