Dr Kajit  J Bagu Author of Evaluating Organization Development

Dr Kajit J Bagu

Foundation for the Move for Cognitive Justice (MCJ)

A multidisciplinary researcher, Kajit J Bagu (John Paul) received his doctorate from the University of Edinburgh, and his Masters in International Development, Law and Human Rights (IDLHR) at the University of Warwick, specialising in Globalisation and Human Rights with distinction. A graduate of ABU Zaria and the Nigerian Law School Lagos campus, he currently manages a Foundation for Cognitive Justice as the Movement for Cognitive Justice (MCJ), combining research, writing and legal practice.

Subjects: Law


Dr. Kajit JP grew up in a 'Nigerian' society scarred by recurrent ethnic and religious tensions which often became violent in repeat circles. The drive to find effective and implementable solutions inspired his academic and career choices through Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and the Nigerian Law School. This drive inspired his decision to specialise in Human Rights and Globalisation at the University of Warwick while studying International Development Law and Human Rights (IDLHR), where he graduated with a distinction.

Dr. Kajit JP's doctoral research and vision going forward has been shaped by the idea and expression of 'cognitive justice' which he encountered at Warwick University through Professor Boaventura de Sousa Santos. He was able to find the basic ideas that aligned with his drive in the expression of 'cognitive justice', and took-up the challenge of developing it as a framework for pursuing his desire and vision of a better and peaceful world.

Currently, Dr Kajit JP is exploring opportunities for a research fellowship which provides the opportunity to develop a research profile aimed at remaking constitutional orders towards effective peacebuilding in the diverse global South. He aspires to adopt an approach towards transforming from 'nation-statism' which generates recurrent conflict, to 'plurinational state orders'. His objective in this is to make the best use of diversity to build just and genuinely peaceful societies.

He is also working on a book which seeks to conceptualise an alternative global order built upon higher moral, normative and institutional foundations than the post-1492 violent and unjust 'International' order, because: A Better World is Attainable!

Areas of Research / Professional Expertise

    Constitutional Theory/Law
    Political Philosophy
    Human Rights
    Colonialism and Decolonisation
    Remaking socio-political and constitutional order (Nigeria)

Personal Interests

    Global Social Justice
    World Order
    Cognitive Justice
    Reform and remaking of socio-political orders (domestic, regional, global)
    Jurisprudence and philosophy
    Dehumanisation and Mass Atrocities (Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes against Humanity, Genocide, War Crimes)
    Religion and conflict
    Diversity and samenesss/homogeneity


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